From our clients to all our carers -Thank you!



''I've been with moderncare for nearly 5 years and I'm really happy with the team of girls who do all my personal care and all my day to day living  care which consists of helping me throughout my home, keeping it nice an tidy and clean and encouraging me to do as much as I can for myself around my home. But I couldn't do any of this without my girls, most of them have been with me for over 10 years to just a couple of months they are Jolene Hughes, Sian Howell ,Teresa Gregg, Charlene Stokes and Tina Stokes.

As well as all that they help me get involved with my community, I'm able to meet my friends for coffee go to pottery, botcha, exercise classes  go on trips to London, Cardiff and Swansea , go to shows concerts and plays , ice skating, voluntary work and also help me through collage to get my A levels and degree. I've had house party's and gone to friends party until late a night, I couldn't of done none of this without the help of my wonderful carers and would like to thank them all.''



''What would i do without you girls, Thank you. Diolch o galon. ''



'' It's so nice seeing all my lovelies, it breaks up my day. I just want to say thank you to all my girls, your like a breath of fresh air when you come through the door. Thank you for visiting me and being a friend. Thank you for making me laugh, smile and keeping me on my toes.''



''So pleased to see the girls on every call.'' 

Margaret watches the clock as she loves to see the girls coming through the door. All the carers are so kind and so caring.

They all do a marvellous job.